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Private Voice Lessons

Ages 5+
(AGES 5+)

We offer weekly private voice lessons and singing lessons to students starting at age 5 and have 30 and 60-minute lessons available. Lessons are available to beginners as well as self-taught or experienced students in a variety of different styles such as pop, musical theatre/broadway, classical, jazz, gospel, worship, or rock music. We love to work with both casual and serious learners alike, and are happy to accommodate any unique goal you may have.


Anyone can learn how to sing! Our voice instructors love working with beginners, and specialize in creating laid-back, positive, and encouraging environments that make students feel comfortable singing. Instructors will use a combination of warm-ups, breathing and tonal exercises, ear training, introduction to stage presence, and of course students’ favorite songs to set a healthy foundation upon which to grow.


For younger students under the age of 12, instructors focus on developing skills that will take special care of vocal cords which are still maturing. Concepts for this age are more heavily focused on matching pitch, basic breathing technique, reading music, and stage presence, and songs that are age-appropriate both in material and vocal demands.


Our vocal instructors love working with adults, and they know how to make them comfortable and take them to a whole new level with their voice. Our adult students have all different types of goals from nailing their choir solo to auditioning for the worship team at church to casually exploring their longtime hobby of singing. No matter the goal, we can help get you there while making sure you have the time of your life.

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