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Teenager Boy playing piano

Private Piano Lessons

Ages 17+

All of our piano instructors love working with beginners and have experience creating a structured program to help students master all the foundational aspects of not only piano technique, but also rhythm, theory, and reading music. Beginning students at Spring School of Music have a blast playing amazing songs from day one while learning these critical foundations.


Whether students come to us with prior experience from another teacher, or whether they started with us as beginners and continued to advance, we know how to help them reach their next goal. Advanced students learn how to play more challenging music and fine-tune and polish their playing by mastering more advanced techniques and theoretical applications. Whether students want to learn a new style, prepare for a competition, or college audition or just keep playing for fun, our skilled instructors have the knowledge and experience to get them there.


Billy Joel. The Beatles. Elton John. Chopin. Movie and Broadway show tunes. We understand you want to play music that you know and love, and we are here to help you! Whatever your goals are, and no matter how busy you are, we will help you get to where you want to be in an encouraging and patient environment.

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