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Accelerated Piano Lab

Great for Beginner and Intermediate Piano Players (Ages 6-16)

Our students receive the instruction they need to continue their progress at a fast pace and move on to individual advanced level piano lessons and/or pursue a second instrument or area of music study.

A New Type of Music Lesson for Children

The purpose of our Accelerated Piano Lab is to address the #1 problem that piano students have:

The difficulty of home practice.

Many piano students dread home practice for one reason: It takes too much work. We simply do not have the time to practice with repetition or to drill those tough parts in the lesson.

This is true of most piano studios and music schools in the U.S. There is just too much to do in a short 30-minute lesson.   We solve this problem once and for all at Spring School of Music with our one-hour Accelerated Piano Lesson format.

Our Accelerated Curriculum

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