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Brass Lessons

Ages 8+
(AGES 8+)

The brass family includes the trumpet, trombone, french horn and tuba.

Our trumpet, trombone, french horn and tuba lessons are offered as weekly 30 or 60-minute private lessons for beginner and intermediate students. Most of our brass students are preparing to be in or already in band or orchestra at school. They have enrolled in private lessons to get them the help they need in their music, learn additional solo repertoire or audition for a higher chair in their band or orchestra. Our instructor has been extremely successful in helping students to reach their goals and succeed in their school ensemble.


Our instructor is a former band teacher who loves working with beginners and has created a structured program to help students master foundational aspects such as good posture, embouchure, breathing, intonation, tone production, note-reading, rhythm, theory, and more while ensuring that the student is having a positive experience and loving their lessons. Whether your child is preparing to start a brass instrument in school soon, or whether they just want to give one of these beautiful instruments a try, our instructor will help to create a strong foundation.


Whether students come to us with prior experience from their school orchestra or a private teacher, or whether they started with us as beginners and continued to advance, we know how to help them reach their next goal. Intermediate or advanced brass students learn how to play more challenging music and fine-tune and polish their playing by mastering more advanced techniques and theoretical applications. Whether students want to learn a new style, prepare for a competition or audition, or just keep playing for fun, we have the skills and experience to get them there.


Many of our adult brass students have always had the dream of playing one of these instruments, and many others played as a child and wish to pick their instrument back up again. Whether students have a busy career, are a busy parent, or are a retired adult, our instructors are delighted to help them learn and enjoy how to play their favorite songs and styles of music.

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