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Drums and Percussion

Ages 5+
(AGES 5+)

Drums are one of the most fun instruments anyone can learn and are a great choice for kids and adults alike! We offer weekly private drum lessons to students starting at age 6 and have 30 and 60-minute lessons available. We teach a variety of different styles such as rock, pop, classical percussion, and marimba. Learn to play the beats to your favorite songs, or improve percussion technique for your band at school. If your little one is full of energy and banging on pots and pans at home, drum lessons can be a great creative outlet!


Our drum instructor loves working with beginners, and has created a structured program to help students master all the foundational aspects of not only drumming technique, but also rhythm, theory, and reading music. He uses both method books and the student’s favorite songs to teach concepts, generally starting with the snare drum and quickly moving to use the entire drum set. Our drum room has a snare drum, an electronic drum set, and also has a full size marimba.


Whether students have been self-taught, have experience from another instructor or school, or gained all their experience at Spring School of Music, we know how to help them reach the next goal. Intermediate or advanced drum or percussion students learn how to play more challenging music and fine-tune and polish their playing by mastering more advanced techniques and theoretical applications. Whether students want to learn a new style, prepare for a high school or college audition, get good enough to join a band, or just keep playing for fun, our instructors have the knowledge and experience to get them there.


There is no greater way to release stress than banging on the drums to your favorite songs! Our drum instructor enjoys working with adults whether they are brand new beginners or already have some experience playing. After talking through your specific goals, our instructor will create a structured plan that will have you on a path to success; all while jamming out, relieving stress, sharpening your skills, and having a blast!

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