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First Lesson in Lab Observation

This is an example of the second lesson. This would be the child’s first GROUP lesson after their trial lesson with me.

The student you should keep an eye on is Jaden. This is the boy on the left in the foreground.

He’s a little bit quicker than the average student. I thought this a good example, because this will allow you to see how I would teach each concept in an IDEAL environment. This is the “base” way that I would teach the concepts to a child on their first lesson.

Your main takeaways from this video should be:

  1. The order in which I teach the concepts

  2. The words I use to teach the concepts

  3. How I interact with him and help him progress

  4. (OPTIONAL) This is another example of how I teach a group lesson

  5. (OPTIONAL) Ways in which I interact with and manage multiple students at a time

  6. (OPTIONAL) How I teach other concepts to more advanced students



I’ve had people tell me that they are seeing nothing “earth-shattering” in my first lesson.

When I later ask them if they are getting their students to sight-read by the end of the first lesson and they say “no”… I’ll say… go watch that first lesson again. Because what I’m doing here is literally how I do it.

These videos and training exercises were created in the Successful Group Lessons program developed by Daniel Patterson.

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