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Accelerated Piano Lab Observation #1

This video must be viewed before first Accelerated Piano lab is taught.

In this one hour video, you will see a Piano Lab in action… and you will hear Daniel's voiceover commentary explaining what you are seeing.

He delves into a myriad of topics, including:

  • Procedures for making the group run smoothly

  • The differences between labs with new students and more experienced students

  • How he teaches improvisation in the context of a group

  • How he manages time

  • His thoughts and comments on group vs 1-on-1 lessons

  • The difference between teaching vs coaching in a lesson

  • His thoughts on why it gets EASIER to teach kids the longer they are in group

  • Much more

As you watch, consider jotting down any questions that come up for you. Jot down anything that surprises you about how the group runs or something that you see in this observation video.

These videos and training exercises were created in the Successful Group Lessons program developed by Daniel Patterson.

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