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Quitting Students Q & A

Everything You Need to Know

  • I want to withdraw, and I want to take lessons the 1st week of June and then delete me. Can you do that?

    • Yes. I can schedule a single lesson for you the 1st week of June. (Cost: $40/lesson) May I ask why you are withdrawing?

  • I want to withdraw. When will payments to my account stop?

    • If we get your request to cancel before the last day of the month, we will cancel your membership and their card will not be charged on the first of the next month.

  • I want to withdraw. (What are the 3 things we want the client to know?)

    • They will lose the OLD membership rate ($125/month)

    • Would you like a different day and time?

    • Would you like a different teacher?

  • A student is stopping lessons but has 3 more make-ups. Can they take them after they've withdrawn?

    • Yes. They schedule them until finished

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