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3 Sept 2021

  • Who do we teach?

    • We start teaching students 5 years old and older. For potential students who are 4 years old, we can schedule a trial lesson with the teacher. During the trial lesson, the teacher will assess whether the student is ready to begin lessons.

    • Accelerated Piano Lab is ONLY for 6+ years old

    • We teach many adult students also, beginner through advanced.​​

  • What are our Hours of Teaching?

    • We are open to teach Monday through Friday 10:00am – 8:00pm & Saturdays 9:00am – 4:00pm,

      • When scheduling a lesson where the teacher would need to make a special trip to the school to teach (i.e. they don't have any other lessons scheduled around that time), please contact the teacher to verify their availability.​

30 Aug 2021

  • How would someone add a referral?

    • Office Staff can add them manually as a lead in Wellness Living or the lead/parent/student can add them on our website/contact page.​​​

  • How to uncancel(reschedule) a private lesson?

    • Go to the schedule and find the day/time of the cancelled lesson. Select the three dots in the top right corner of the schedule (under your profile picture) and click View Cancelled Sessions, then View All Cancelled Appointments. If you look at the schedule again, you should see the student's cancelled lesson in white. Click on the lesson and rebook it for the original time/day or reschedule the lesson for the time they want to change it to.

1 Aug 2021

  • Can I come in for my lesson today at an earlier or later time?

    • In order to change your time, we need 24-hours’ notice to give to the teacher. But let me check their schedule and see if we can make this one-time exception.

  • I need to speak to the teacher. Can I have his/her cell phone?

    • Is there something I can help you with? If not, I can forward your question on to the teacher.

  • I need a make-up lesson, when can I have one?

    • I can help with that. Let me check your teacher’s schedule for when they are available.

  • Can we observe a lesson?

    • You can observe from the observation windows.

  • Can we sit in on lesson (if they're not a student)?

    • No, but you're welcome to use the observation windows.

  • Can I schedule an additional 30 min lesson next week to get ready for an audition?

    • If a current student wants additional time for a week, we can do that. You treat it like a trial lesson and they pay the individual lesson rate ($40/30 min. or $70/hour).

  • I want to withdraw, and I want to take lessons the 1st week of June and then delete me. Can you do that?

    • Yes. I can schedule a single lesson for you the 1st week of June. (Cost: $40/lesson) May I ask why you are withdrawing?

  • I want to withdraw. When will payments to my account stop?

    • If we get your request to cancel before the last day of the month, we will cancel your membership and their card will not be charged on the first of the next month.

  • I want to withdraw. (What are the 3 things we want the client to know?)

    • They will lose the OLD membership rate ($125/month)

    • Would you like a different day and time?

    • Would you like a different teacher?

  • We missed 3 lessons in April, can we not be charged for April and just be charged for May?

    • We provide make-up lessons that never expire. Since our membership options have changed, I would recommend paying for both months and using your make-ups as we get closer to the recital or festival times.

  • A teacher is running 5 minutes late. What do you do?

    • Call the teacher, then email Keturah.

  • A 5-year-old, without parents, runs for the door at the end of their lesson. What do you do?

    • Don't be too much of an alarmist but follow the child out to make sure they get to their car okay.

  • I have a billing question?

    • Take down their name and number, say "Keturah does all of the billing and I'll have her call you asap."

  • I want to meet the teacher. Can I do that?

    • I can schedule a one-time trial for $40.00. If over the phone, paid by credit card.

  • Can I buy a gift certificate?

    • Yes.

  • I want to get just 4 lessons. Can I do that?

    • Yes, we do individual lessons ($40/half hour or $70/hour) without any commitment for further lessons. I can schedule them for you.

  • I want to start in the third week of April, will you prorate my first month?

    • Yes, we will prorate your first month.

  • Can I take an hour lesson per week?

    • Yes. $255.00 per month.

  • Can two people take a lesson at the same time?

    • Yes. The cost is $140/month per person. If the two people are in the same family, they will also get the family discount (10%)

  • What happens if the office staff is late?

    • The employee gets written up. Three write ups is grounds for termination.

  • The Internet is down, what do you do?

    • Reset the modem. Make sure that you have been shown how to reset this. Stay at the desk to answer any questions from staff and parents.

  • Will I get a makeup for that holiday? – Old Payment Plan

    • Answer: Actually, your monthly payment doesn’t cover holiday lessons. You pay for 48 lessons a year, so “holiday” missed lessons are made up for in months where there are 5 lessons in a month.

  • Will I get a makeup for that holiday? – New Payment Plan

    • Your membership ($140/month) receives make-ups for all holidays except for lessons during Klein ISD spring break, 3rd week of July, week of Thanksgiving and week between Christmas and New Year’s Day. You pay for 48 lessons a year.

  • A student says "We're going to miss Thanksgiving Day (or any other school holiday for which Spring School of Music is closed). Do we sign up for a make-up for that?

    • Since students are on a 48-week year, the missed day is included in your tuition so there is no need to make it up. In the months where there are 5 lessons, we do not charge you more. In the months where there are 3 lessons, we do not charge you less. See make-up book for 48-week calendar.

  • How flexible are you with scheduling? Can I switch times week to week?

    • To help us keep the scheduling for our teachers simple, we ask that you pick a day and time that you can attend each week. However, you can schedule trial lessons week to week.

  • A student is stopping lessons but has 3 more make-ups. Can they take them after they've withdrawn?

    • Yes. They schedule them until finished.

  • What instruments do you sell?

    • We do not sell any instruments or music at this time.

  • A teacher has a question about their paycheck. What do you tell them?

    • Keturah saves all time sheets, call her on her cell. (832)987-4642

  • A teacher says they need a day off and need a sub. What do you tell them?

    • Tell them to fill out the day off form and to email Keturah. Also e-mail me about it.

  • A student who is not on the schedule arrives for a lesson. What do you do?

    • Call Keturah immediately. If she is not available leave a message and let them have the lesson.

  • What do students bring to their first lesson?

    • Just their instrument and any music they may have been working on.

      • If they have had lessons before, bring the in the books they were using​

      • For Voice: come with a song to sing - It doesn't need to be accompanied. Happy Birthday will work.

  • What books do we need for our lessons?

    • After your first lesson, your teacher will assign you a book. Since all lessons are personalized, we won't know what book you need until your teacher has a lesson with you.

  • Are books included in tuition?

    • No.

  • A teacher does not show up for his/her lesson?

    • First, call Keturah and let her know. Then try to get a hold of the instructor.

  • Someone comes in and wants to start lessons. He/she has family members who already take lessons here, and the new student wants to be added to their account. What do you do?

    • Add the new student to the schedule. Change all family member students’ type to Multi/Family.

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