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Staff Q & A

Everything You Need to Know

  • A teacher called in sick, do I give the student a make-up?

    • When a teacher cannot teach their lessons (they are sick, the school is closed or whatever), we always use Early Cancel to cancel the lessons. This will give the student a make-up to use later.

  • A teacher is running 5 minutes late. What do you do?

    • Call the teacher and find out when they expect to get there. Communicate with the student (reschedule if needed), then email Keturah.

  • What happens if the office staff is late?

    • The employee gets written up. Three write ups is grounds for termination.

  • A teacher has a question about their paycheck. What do you tell them?

    • Keturah saves all time sheets, have them call Keturah on her cell. (832)987-4642

  • A teacher says they need a day off and need a sub. What do you tell them?

    • Tell them to fill out the day off form and to email Keturah. Also e-mail me about it.

  • A teacher does not show up for his/her lesson?

    • Call the teacher and find out when they expect to get there. (We always assume they are on their way.) If their teacher is not coming, check to see if there is another teacher who can take the lesson? If not reschedule the lesson. THEN check to make sure their other lessons are scheduled correctly and email Keturah with the details.

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