Great for Beginner and Intermediate Piano Players

We know many families do not have pianos in their homes but they want their children to learn how to play.


Other families want all of their kids in the same class, even though they are at different levels of playing.


Accelerated Piano Lab is perfect, because your kids get to practice with the teacher present. Each student is working at their own skill level.


Plus your kids get the added benefit of being able to perform for their class, play music games as a group while learning at their own pace.

Why should you choose our Accelerated Piano Lab at Spring School of Music?

As a Spring School of Music student, your child will learn standard piano repertoire, ear training, music theory and history, composition, listening, sight reading, and music vocabulary.


Our piano lab is great for beginners and intermediate level players. Our students receive the instruction they need to continue their progress at a fast pace and move on to individual advanced level piano lessons and/or pursue a second instrument or area of music study.

"Excellent instruction, amazing and professional"

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